Brian James Trailers
£5,160 + VAT

The Brian James Trailers Tipper comes with a host of market-leading features including their 'Click & Clamp' system with auto-adjusting posts and locking clamps for easy fit rattle-free sides, battery trickle charge, as well as side extensions, and much more.

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Tough and configurable Tipper trailer

  • Standard Features

    When sourcing your BrianJames Trailer through Motio, whether it's through purchase, financing, or leasing, you can count on these standard features included with the Tipper Trailer.

    Click & Clamp System

    • Designed with auto-adjusting locking posts combined with clamp-down sides to ensure maximum rigidity and rattle-free towing.

    2-Way Tailgate

    • 2-way tailgate allows easy switching between aggregate spreading and bulk tipping functions. Rear post load guides prevent aggregate build-up in corners during unloading.

    Heavy-Duty Dropsides

    • Strong steel 308mm sides with a choice of colors. Complete with removable headboard.

    Full LED Lighting

    • Super-bright, long-lasting, and reliable. New dynamic indicators are highly visible even in bad weather.

    Reinforced Deck

    • Reinforced, bonded phenol ply with a steel-lined deck creates a tough, durable, and obstruction-free surface.

    Lockable Storage Box

    • All sockets and the battery level indicator are located within the storage locker which is ideal for storing the remote control, jump leads, and straps.

    Heavy-Duty Locking Hitch and Jockey Wheel

    • Heavy-duty coupling head and telescopic jockey wheel.

    Multiple Anchor Points

    • Multiple attachment points along the sides and front for securing loads.

    Battery Trickle Charge

    • Battery trickle charges from car ignition when the engine is running (tow vehicle dependent). The battery status indicator is located in the storage locker.

    Safety Stand

    • Safety stands for maintenance and repair.

    Spare Wheel

    • Stored under the chassis and accessible without having to tip load.


    • Additional tipping rigidity is provided with the introduction of twin tipping rams as standard on all 3.6m and above bed models.
  • Optional Features

    Enhance your BrianJames Tipper Trailer with optional extras, from single-hinged rear doors to heavy-duty side extensions. Find the right option for your needs.

    Side-Hinged Rear Doors

    • Strong and reliable. The new hinge and latch mechanism has been engineered for easy operation.

    Double-Height Side Extensions (308mm)

    • Double-height side extensions are ideal for bulky loads such as brushes. Our all-new 'Click & Clamp' system with auto-adjusting locking posts and twin clamping ensures rattle-free towing without the need for crossbars. Side height increased by 308mm to 616mm.

    Side Extensions (660mm)

    • Increase carrying capacity by extending the side height from 308 to 968mm. Included hard-wearing rubber trim creates a tight seal between the upper and lower sections.

    Heavy-Duty Side Extensions (660mm)

    • Built to be stronger, these high paneled side extensions offer a tough hole-free design coupled with the enhanced functionality of our new 'Click & Clamp' system making them ideal for the demands of daily commercial use. Side height increased by 660mm to 968mm.


    • Tipper is equipped with a ramp storage rack as standard. Choose between optional 1.8m ramps for general loading purposes or 2.3m ramps for lower loading angles.

    Ladder Rack

    • A convenient frame to carry ladders and materials longer than the trailer bed on trailers with or without side extension panels fitted. Fits front, center, or rear. Multiple racks can be used in combination to provide additional load-carrying flexibility.

    Electric Winch

    • Electric winch option with roller guides.

    Battery Charger

    • CTEK XS7000 universal smart battery charger with quick connect plug.

    Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Straps

    • 4 x 4,000 daN heavy-duty tie-down straps.

    Rear Support Stands

    • Kick-down rear stands provide additional support for heavy loads.


    • Tipper is configurable in a choice of 5 highly durable body colour panels; Red, Grey, Blue, Black, and Yellow.

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    • Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal. In-car monitor with external sensors. Provides reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety, and reduced towing vehicle emissions.


    • Security identification system.

    Wheel Safety Indicators

    • Wheel Sentry. Combined wheel nut indicator and retainer.
  • Models
    DetailsDimensionPrice From
    2.7m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 12in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-2716-27-2-12
    2.7m x 1.6m
    £ 5,410.00
    2.7m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-2716-27-2-13
    2.7m x 1.6m
    £ 5,160.00
    3.1m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 12in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-3116-27-2-12
    3.1m x 1.6m
    £ 6,020.00
    3.1m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-3116-27-2-13
    3.1m x 1.6m
    £ 5,820.00
    3.1m x 1.6m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-3116-35-2-12
    3.1m x 1.6m
    £ 6,430.00
    3.6m x 2.0m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-3620-35-2-12
    3.6m x 2.0m
    £ 7,760.00
    3.6m x 2.0m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 3 Axle - 526-3620-35-3-12
    3.6m x 2.0m
    £ 8,270.00
    4.0m x 2.0m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 2 Axle - 526-4020-35-2-12
    4.0m x 2.0m
    £ 8,320.00
    4.0m x 2.0m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 3 Axle - 526-4020-35-3-12
    4.0m x 2.0m
    £ 8,830.00



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