Digger Plant

Brian James Trailers
£3,430 + VAT

Designed specifically with mini-diggers and tracked plants in mind, this tough and rugged trailer sets the industry standard for plant trailers, with low lifetime running costs. Available in three bed lengths and with a high level of standard equipment this plant trailer is available with a wide range of specialised options including winches, bucket locker, and arm locks.

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Designed specifically with mini-diggers and tracked plant in mind.

  • Standard Features

    When sourcing your Brian James Trailer through Motio, whether it's through purchase, financing, or leasing, you can count on these standard features included with the Digger Plant Trailer.

    50mm Ball Coupling Head

    • 50mm ball coupling head with security lock.

    Bucket Rest

    • Standard fitment on Digger Plant trailers.

    Galvanised Super-Structure

    • Super-strength steel used in the main chassis fabrication is complemented by two additional longitudinal beams just below the 18mm phenol ply anti-slip center bed. Lighter weight and improved strength, combined with the durability of a hot-dip galvanised chassis ensure that Digger Plant will serve for many years.

    High Grip Surface

    • Features high-strength punched and formed steel. Provides grip and is extremely resistant to wear, even on tough jobs.

    Long Drawbar

    • Long drawbar provides plenty of space for digger arms.

    Low Loading Angle

    • The Digger Plant features a loading angle of 14º which enables easy loading and unloading of machines.

    Multiple Anchor Points

    • Numerous strap attachment points are provided along each side of the Digger Plant trailers. Each is located in the chassis providing ultimate strength. A high level of grip and strength is offered by the raised, punched profile of each slot. Machine restraint is made easy with many tie-down options.

    Smooth Ride - Self Damping

    • Digger Plant trailers are designed for long-distance and heavy loads. Axles and suspension technology is proven beyond doubt.

    Thread Clamps

    • Silent locked – the loading tail ramp is held in place with secure clamp fasteners. A rubber buffer is part of the system and provides damping for quiet travel.

    LED Lighting

    • LED lights are both super bright and reliable.

    Loading Ramps 

    • Loading ramps with fully adjustable width settings. Heavy-duty hinge tube with nylon bush features a heavy-duty clamp mechanism.
  • Optional Features

    Enhance your BrianJames Digger Plant Trailer with optional extras, from bucket lockers to a digger arm lock. Find the right option for your needs.

    Electric Winch 

    • Electric winch kit, 4500lb drag capacity, 12V, wander lead remote control. Power pack available separately (Not available in Australia).

    Bucket Locker

    • Secure, lockable storage for digger buckets and other attachments.

    Manual Winch

    • Manually operated winch with steel cable, auto braked operation with free spool and center pulley guide.

    Digger Arm Lock

    • Guides and secures the digger arm and bucket to the trailer with a single heavy-duty locking pin.

    Chapter 8 Chevrons

    • Chapter 8 Chevrons provides compliance with vehicle marking regulations for sites.

    Wheel Safety Indicators

    • Visually reveal whether wheel nut torque has changed once originally set.

    Machine Stop Bar

    • Designed to provide a reliable stop for digger and plant machinery. Must be used in combination with tie-down restraint straps.

    Heavy Duty Punched Tail Panel 

    • 1.5m with spring assistance suitable for heavy plants.


    • The Tracstrap system is unique to Brian James Trailers and the Digger Plant. This in-house designed and manufactured system offers extremely high levels of towing security with minimal effort (TÜV Nord test report 8114838799). The front shocks are adjustable and provide a fixed loading point. Each track is held in place by 5-tonne rated 50mm wide straps featuring heavy-duty wear protectors.

    Tyre Pressure System

    • Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal. In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety, and reduced towing vehicle emissions.

    Tie Down Straps

    • Straps hold the machinery safely and securely without straining the suspension geometry.

    Twin Ramp Loading Panel

    • Twin ramp 'knife edge' loading panel with spring assistance. The panel includes a dedicated mounting system for rectangular number plates.

    Wheel Nut Indicators

    • Visually reveal whether wheel nut torque has changed once originally set.
  • Models
    Price From
    543-2813-27-2-13 - 2.8m x 1.3m, 2.7t, 2 Axle, 13in wheel
    2.8m x 1.3m
    543-2813-35-2-12 - 2.8m x 1.3m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, 12in wheel
    2.8m x 1.3m
    543-3217-35-2-12 - 3.2m x 1.7m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, 12in wheel
    3.2m x 1.7m
    543-3717-35-2-12 - 3.7m x 1.7m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, 12in wheel3.7m x 1.7m£4,650.00



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