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A tough and highly configurable range of plant trailers.

  • Standard Features

    When sourcing your Brian James Trailer through Motio, whether it's through purchase, financing, or leasing, you can count on these standard features included with the General Plant Trailer.

    Heavy-duty locking hitch and jockey wheel

    • Heavy-duty coupling head and telescopic jockey wheel.Spare WheelMounted conveniently towards the front of the trailer.

    LED lighting

    • LED lights are both super bright and reliable.

    New stronger chassis

    • An all-new chassis combined with integrated welded mudguards provides greater strength and rigidity.

    High-grip welded mudguards

    • Welded mudguards provide greater chassis strength and rigidity as well as a high grip surface

    Multiple anchor points

    • Conveniently located to ensure that you have the flexibility to tie down your load whatever the size.

    Click & Clamp

    • Introducing 'Click & Clamp'. Designed with auto-adjusting locking posts combined with clamp-down sides to ensure maximum rigidity and makes the General Plant one of the quietest trailers to tow.


    • Choose from 5 highly durable body colour panels; Red, Grey, Blue, Black and Yellow.Loading ramps
      1.62m loading ramps with fully adjustable width settings. Heavy duty hinge tube with nylon bush, features heavy-duty clamp mechanism.
  • Optional Features

    Enhance your Brian James General Plant Trailer with optional extras, from adjustable ramps to side extensions. Find the right option for your needs.

    Short adjustable ramps

    • 0.95m, fully adjustable with heavy duty clamps suitable for loading low ground clearance machinery.Short twin ramp tail panel"0.95 m with spring assistance

    Short heavy-duty punched tail panel

    • 0.93m with spring assistance suitable for dumpers and heavy plant

    Additional short centre ramp

    • 0.95m specialist loading option suitable for three wheeled loading. Stowed on outside of trailer when not in use

    Twin ramp tail panel

    • Twin ramp 'knife edge' loading panel with spring assistance. The panel includes a dedicated mounting system for rectangular number plates.

    Heavy-duty punched tail panel

    • 1.5m with spring assistance suitable for dumpers and heavy plant.

    General purpose aluminium mesh tail panel

    • Full-width, high tail ramp - part steel mesh and aluminium surface. 1.3m with spring assistance ideal for walk-on loading


    • Unique to Brian James Trailers. This in-house designed and manufactured system offers extremely high levels of towing security with minimal effort (TÜV Nord approved). The front chocks are adjustable and provide a fixed loading point.

    Machine stop bar

    • Machine stop bar - always load your machine right up to the same location. A safe and convenient part of the chassis to tie-against.

    Digger bucket rest

    • For extra convenience and ease of use when transporting digger machinery.

    Arm lock

    • Guides and secures the digger arm and bucket to the trailer with a single heavy duty locking pin.

    Electric winch

    • Electric winch kit, 4500lb drag capacity, 12V, wander lead remote control. Power pack available separately (Not available in Australia).

    Manual winch

    • Manually operated winch with steel cable, auto braked operation with free spool and centre pulley guide.

    Side extensions

    • High panelled side extension kits enable the transport of bulkier loads. Light weight, yet robust panels can be individually removed, along with the quick release retaining posts. This enhanced functionality makes General Plant easily configurable.

    Double-height side extensions (308mm)

    • Double-height sides extensions are ideal for bulky loads such as brush. Our all-new 'Click & Clamp' system with auto-adjusting locking posts and twin-clamping ensures rattle-free towing without the need for crossbars. Side height increased by 308mm to 616mm.

    Ladder racks

    • A convenient frame to carry ladders and materials longer than the trailer bed on trailers with or without side extension panels fitted. Fits front, centre or rear. Multiple racks can be used in combination to provide additional load-carrying flexibility.

    Super-grip deck panels

    • High grip galvanized steel strips are available in 2, 3 or 4 sectionsAluminium deck overlayAluminium deck overlay. 3-bar fine checker - protects the surface beneath from high impact loads.

    Storage lockers

    • Side storage lockers, ideal for keeping tie-down straps when not in use.

    Chapter-8 chevrons

    • Providing compliance with vehicle marking regulations onsite.

    Wheel nut indicators

    • Visually reveal whether wheel nut torque has changed once originally set.

    Heavy-duty tie-down straps

    • 4 x 4,000 daN heavy-duty tie-down straps.

    Tyre pressure monitoring system

    • Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal. In-car monitor with external sensors. Provides reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions.


    • Security identification system.
  • Models
    DetailsDimensionPrice From
    2.7m x 1.3m, 2.7t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-2713-27-2-13
    2.7m x 1.3m
    2.7m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-2716-27-2-13
    2.7m x 1.6m
    3.1m x 1.6m, 2.7t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-3116-27-2-13
    3.1m x 1.6m
    3.1m x 1.7m, 3.5t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-3117-35-2-13
    3.1m x 1.7m
    3.6m x 1.7m, 3.5t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-3617-35-2-13
    3.6m x 1.7m
    3.6m x 1.8m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 3 Axle - 551-3618-35-3-12
    3.6m x 1.8m
    4.0m x 1.7m, 3.5t, 13in wheels, 2 Axle - 551-4017-35-2-13
    4.0m x 1.7m
    4.0m x 1.8m, 3.5t, 12in wheels, 3 Axle - 551-4018-35-3-12
    4.0 x 1.8m



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