Buying With Motio

6 steps to get your future van or trailer

  • Step 1. Discovering your ideal commercial vehicle

    Whether you desire a brand-new van, truck or trailer customised to your specific needs or a reliable used van or trailer, the process starts with a simple search. We offer a selection of over 500 vehicles, each with low mileage and an excellent service history. Once you find the vehicle you desire, you can secure it with a £99 holding deposit. It's worth noting that you can also finance your new or used vehicle through motioPay. Just click "finance this vehicle" and adjust it to fit your budget. (Representative 9.9% APR. We are a credit broker, not a lender.) Additionally, regardless of the vehicle you choose, you'll receive three months of free motio Protect, giving you complete peace of mind knowing you're covered under warranty.

  • Step 2. Official Partner of Brian James Trailers

    Found a vehicle and need a trailer as well? No problem. With motioPay, you can bundle both items into a single finance package. Traditional methods would require separate finance packages with varying rates for each - not the most cost-effective approach, right? If you can't find the trailer you're looking for on our trailer page, simply head over to Brian James Trailers and let us know your preference. We'll source it for you at the same price.

  • Step 3. You've selected your vehicle, and maybe even a trailer - great!

    Now, you have multiple options for taking the next step because we're here to make it easy for you. Whether you prefer to submit an enquiry through the vehicle or trailer pages, the contact us page, reach out via WhatsApp, or give us a call, the choice is yours. We're flexible. When we receive your message, we'll collaborate with you to secure the best deal. Feel free to enquire about selling your old vehicle as well. We've partnered with the Motorway team to ensure a seamless process, and you can learn more about it here.

  • Step 4. Your part is complete

    We've had the conversation, and you're satisfied with your new vehicle and/or trailer, we would like to highlight our sales fee is £199, ensuring exceptional value for the services provided. Furthermore, We've also discussed our additional services, such as motio Protect, our vehicle warranty package, KwikFit Club, where you'll have access to tire changes and services for a small monthly fee and GoShorty, our short-term insurance provider. If you're purchasing an electric vehicle, we can supply home and work charging solutions, in partnership with MyEnergi, which are also available through MotioPay. At this stage, it's up to us to process the order and send you all the necessary documentation for your approval.

  • Step 5. Vehicle Preparation

    Great news! You're approaching the final stages of the motio purchase journey. Hopefully, you'll agree that it's a straightforward process. Once we have all the paperwork, we will arrange the delivery of your vehicle if you have chosen one of our premium partner vehicles. All vehicles will be prepped to ensure it's in excellent condition upon arrival. If you've purchased a trailer, it will be assembled and prepared at Brian James, and we'll provide you with an estimated arrival time.

  • Step 6. Delivery

    Your vehicle is now prepped, and we have all the required documentation, and you're satisfied. It's time for us to deliver your vehicle to you – free of charge. Yes, that's right, it's on the house. We'll pick up your vehicle and drop it off at your chosen location at a time that suits your schedule.


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