Race Transporter 5

Brian James Trailers
£19,890+ VAT

A high-specification car transporter with twin side doors, full-width rear door, full LED lighting and daylight roof. Standard equipment also includes hydraulic tilt-bed for easy loading of low ground clearance vehicles. A wide range of options allows this car trailer to be specified to suit your requirements, whether for motorsport, classic cars or vehicle logistics.

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A wide range of options allows this car trailer to be specified to suit your requirements, whether for motorsport, classic cars or vehicle logistics.

  • Standard Features

    When sourcing your Brian James Trailer through Motio, whether it's through purchase, financing, or leasing, you can count on these standard features included with the Race Transporter 5 Trailer. 

    3 x LED lighting strips 

    • 3 x LED lighting strips as standard Access hatches Front access hatches are convenient for reaching inside during vehicle strapping.

    Daylight roof 

    • Daylight roof takes advantage of natural daylight to create an enhanced working environment.

    Floor Storage 

    • Floor storage trays provide an ideal location for heavy/bulky items. Aluminium gas strut assisted lids included.

    Full LED lighting 

    • LED lights are both super bright and reliable. All lamps are LED technology as standard.

    Hydraulic tilt-bed for low loading 

    • Powerful hydraulic hand pump and cylinder powers the tilt-bed operation to create a convenient low loading angle.

    Multiple anchor points 

    • Multiple anchor points and high strength decking provides strap attachment locations and a high level of grip.

    Rear Door 

    • Full width, full height rear door ramp features a high quality moulded rear bodywork. A central “easy close” integrated locking mechanism is key to operator convenience.

    Side doors 

    • Large twin side doors provide practical access to trailers. Separately opening pedestrian doors work well in tight spaces.

    Tie-down wheel 'sleeve' straps 

    • Approved by car manufacturers and race teams alike, these straps hold the vehicle safely and securely without straining the suspension geometry.

    Twin Axle 

    • Twin axle and light weight low chassis ensures excellent towing stability.

    Fully adjustable, quick release wheel chock. 

    • Suitable for cars with low splitters.

    12V electric winch with remote control lead 

    • 4,500 lbs capacity, roller fairlead, wire cable and snap hook. On-board battery power. Multi-slide positioned mounting allows suits all towing eye locations.
  • Optional Features

    Enhance your Brian James Race Transporter 5 Trailer with optional extras, from aluminium side storage racks to assistor ramps. Find the right option for your needs.

    Wheel options

    • New style alloy wheels available in Silver or diamond cut Anthracite.

    Aluminium side storage racks

    • Pair (LH and RH) of 3 shelf storage racks for smaller items. 600mm wide x 76mm deep.

    Assistor ramps

    • Assistor ramps offer ultra-low loading angles. Stored just inside the trailer rear door for travel.

    Body Colour

    • Race Transporter range is available in white or optional black bodywork.

    Commercial type wheel chocks

    • For use with vehicles with higher ground clearance. Fully adjustable, quick release wheel chock system engages directly into the trailer chassis.

    LED flood light package

    • LED flood light package fully illuminates the trailer interior. Switched separately. Powered by on-board battery and includes integrated bodywork housings.

    Hand wash station

    • 2.5 litre, self-contained with the ability to hold and maintain warm water.

    Additional reverse lights

    • Super bright side mounted LED reverse lights provide valuable extra visibility for close movement at night

    Paper towel dispenser

    Premium store station

    • Premium store station increases storage capacity with 4 x 20ltr Jerry can capacity and incorporates 8 removable storage bins, ideal for organising smaller components. The upgrade is completed by an aluminium triple-grip fascia.

    Rear facing high level LED floodlights

    • Rear facing high level LED floodlights provide extra visibility for loading and working in low light conditions.

    Tyre Pressure System

    • Tyre pressure monitoring system from TyrePal . In-car monitor with external sensors. Features and benefits include reduced fuel consumption, increased trailer tyre service life, improved safety and reduced towing vehicle emissions.

    Tyre rack

    • Transport of multiple spare wheels and tyres is easily accomplished with a high level tyre rack. Its design places the wheels above average bonnet height, so keeping useful space available on the trailer bed. Safety and security of the transported wheels is provided by a unique strap system.

    Workbench Vice

    • Increase the functionality of your workbench with this fundamental piece of workshop equipment. Stored out of the way when not in use


    • Convert your tyre rack into a usable workbench. Includes panel station for convenient storage when used as a tyre rack.

    Reverse camera

    • This 120 degree reversing camera provides assistance and reassurance when reversing into tight spaces, especially with larger trailers. The system includes everything you will need to operate a wireless reversing camera system with a trailer. Being Digital Wireless, means that it can be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices, or wireless networks, interference free.

    Twin lens - reverse/rear view camera

    • This relatively compact camera includes 2 high quality lenses, which produce two views; a 'look-down' view when reversing and a 'look-back' view when travelling forwards. The 'look-down' view is displayed/triggered when reversing.

    360° vision

    • Four cameras enable 360 vision for all round visibility and safe manoeuvring. With a wirelessly connected monitor in the tow vehicle, the screen can switch views based on the indicator position.
  • Models
    DetailsDimensionsPrice From
    385-1090 -- Enclosed, 5.0m x 2.12m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, Race Transporter 5, White Body
    5.0m x 2.12m
    £ 18,520.00
    385-1100 -- Enclosed, 5.5m x 2.12m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, Race Transporter 5, White Body
    5.5m x 2.12m
    £ 19,890.00
    385-2090 -- Enclosed, 5.0m x 2.12m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, Race Transporter 5, Black Body
    5.0m x 2.12m
    £ 19,440.00
    385-2100 -- Enclosed, 5.5m x 2.12m, 3.5t, 2 Axle, Race Transporter 5, Black Body
    5.5m x 2.12m
    £ 20,760.00



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